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Clip 'n Climb-

Clip 'n' Climb is an indoor climbing concept that is taking the world by the harness. Designed and engineered by passionate industry professionals John Targett and Tim Wethey, Clip 'n Climb is hottest action attraction to come out of New Zealand since the Bungee Jump and is successfully operating in 30 countries with more than 150 centres. It is a unique entertainment phenomenon that is appealing people of all ages as they seek ways to keep fit while having fun and challenging themselves. With first Indian center in Virginia Mall, Whitefield, Bangalore, Clip 'n' Climb is now set to boom in India to follow in the footsteps of its proven success in countries around the world!

Varun Adventure is the national distributor and operates from its head office based in Bengaluru.

Clip 'n Climb has transformed climbing into a profitable mainstream activity with mass market appeal across all ages. It is exciting physically, mentally and socially.Often described as climbing wall meets theme park Clip 'n Climb is a unique experience that provides a huge variety of challenges to keep customers coming back time and time again.

Clip 'n Climb provides students with healthy physical exercise and the chance to develop strength, balance, flexibility, problem-solving skills, self-confidence and self-esteem, all while having fun! The exciting "Challenges" provided by Clip 'n Climb are radiant, spectacular and resplendent. It is a kaleidoscope of favorite pastimes, fun, fitness, relaxation and leisure that welcomes everyone into a myriad of challenges, each one different from one another.The family appeal of Clip 'n Climb is broad reaching, from preschool children to adults.

Safety Our Priority

Popularity of the sport is taking off as people seek ways to keep fit while having fun, making rock climbing in a safe environment. Known to help build confidence, hand eye coordination, balance, teamwork and all body strength, this fun and adventurous activity is rapidly growing with interest ranging from children all the way to adults.

Safe and reliable, our award winning Automatic Belay System provides peace of mind, and means that everyone can be climbing at the same time rather than having to take turns belaying as in a conventional climbing gym. Twice the action and twice the fun at Clip 'n Climb!

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